Sustainability at Scale


Investing in Early-Stage Companies Driving the Industrial Net Zero Revolution

SIP Capital is a US-Japan venture capital firm investing in US startups built for scale in the Japanese ecosystem as deployed worldwide.


As leading industrial and technological economies, the US and Japan are critical to driving the tech-enabled Net Zero Industrial Revolution. The two countries maintain leading market share in sectors representing ~90% of Global GHG emissions.


Early-stage investing is critical: 75% of the technology needed to reach Net Zero goals is still emerging.

Decarbonization of the World’s Largest Emitting Industries

Targeting early-stage companies driving massive value creation and decarbonization of the world’s most critical industries (i.e. Manufacture, Compute, Energy, Transportation, Construction) at GNP-scale. SIP’s Target Sectors for Disruption represent 85% of GHG Emissions.

Human Factors & Efficiency

Climate innovators will transform today’s trillion-dollar dirty, dangerous industries into efficient, profitable economies of the future. This includes AI, automation, improved safety and information management for where human labor is far outweighed by demand.

Energy & Advanced Materials

Energy consumption accounts for more than 35% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The clean energy transition will double overall mineral requirements by 2040. Novel energy and materials solutions represent the only pathways to reduce GHG emissions and ensure the economic viability of essential industries.

The Net Zero Industrial Revolution will create unparalleled early-stage investment opportunities. SIP seeks to generate exceptional returns by investing in and supporting those companies, teams and technologies capable of dominating this global transformation.

SIP supports its portfolio companies seeking Japanese global supply chain expansion through the firm’s market entry capabilities and corporate relationships.

Led by a highly, experienced cross-border team with over 30+ years of experience investing, growing and exiting businesses across the US and Asia

We invest in companies at the center of multitrillion-dollar connected economies.




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